Dazzling Dogs & Cats - where your pet is treated like one of our own
By choosing Dazzling Dogs you are safe in the knowledge that you a choosing an experienced and caring groomers, Dazzling dogs has professional premises with the safety and comfort of your dog or cat in mind.
Unlike many grooming businesses we have a proper salon and not a converted shed or garage, so the environment is light and airy but most important clean.
Some customers like the idea of a mobile groomer, but the things to consider is if you want your bath used to as a dog bath, and the mess of the hair being blown and cut all over your kitchen or similar location, if using a mobile groomer with a self equiped van,be aware that your dog can not be bathed in clean warm water, but water which is recycled over and over again throughout the course of the day, and unless your dog happens to be the first dog of the day, the water could have been used to wash up to 6-8 dogs before yours.
Dazzling dogs baths ALL dogs in clean warm water and every dog gets a freshly laundered towel.
Dazzling dogs offers a collection and delivery service if that helps any customers with transport problems.